Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 100

It is just possible that American collectors can do something about the lagging market in recentU.S.stamps. A campaign of protest to the Postmaster General against the continuing issuance of one denomination commemoratives, each in enormous quantities, might call his attention to the need for change- change sets of stamps with a variety of denominations, each issued in a different quantity. The demand of 75 cents or $1.25 stamps is a fraction of that for the 20c value. Thus, we might once again restore to the stamps of our country some issues that might have more than postage value to stamp collectors.

Another advantage to sets is that a range of subjects pertaining to the same theme can be used. This adds to the potential interest of stamp collecting.

The fact that most of our country’s stamps of the past twenty years cannot be sold for face value when offered in quantity is a reflection on the policy of our Post Office in issuing such large quantities of special issues that philately cannot absorb them.

Let us hope and work for a new policy that will put our stamps in the premium class as are most European issues of recent days.