Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 106

Some people are not interested in learning. They have a way of life and don’t care to add to it in any way. If they happen to be stamp collectors, the part of the hobby that they are enjoying is sufficient and all the articles published plus all the information available from club or society memberships will not change their form of collecting and certainly it is not my purpose to force change on these people. Let them enjoy stamp collecting in their own way.

There is another and far larger group who takes pride in growth. They strive to expand their knowledge, not only in their selected hobby of philately but in every aspect of life that touches them. The pride of learning means much to these people and when they can transfer to stamp collecting some of the knowledge that is available to all who will take it, the joy of the hobby is increased greatly.

Fine stamp collections of course require fine stamps, but in addition they reflect the knowledge and ability of their maker. Combining love of philately with philatelic learning results in a far greater return from our hobby than can be achieved by just gathering stamps.