Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 11

Rarely will you find perfection in the work of a man. All things we make or do have their faults. Certainly stamps, stamp collecting and stamp dealing are no exceptions.

The tolerance that others expect for their less-than-perfect work is sought just as much by stamp dealers. They can only sell the stamps that a country has produced. If a country printed an issue on poor quality paper with fugitive ink and poorly perforated, that’s the way it is.

The occasional stamp collector who insists on perfection rarely has a collection that would fill a shoe box. Most certainly he cannot have a collection that is a true reflection of stamps as they are produced.

We believe in nice quality stamps. Dirty, torn and tired copies don’t appeal to us, and we do not care to sell them. We do sell sound stamps that are attractive, desirable and collectable. And best of all, they are representative of what the country has issued as postage for the delivery of mail.