Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 125

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get very much for a dollar. The “good old days” of the 5 & 10 cent store that later became the 25 & 50 cent store and now are again the 5 & 10 (but dollars instead of cents) are gone forever. I can think of nothing but stamp collecting that can be indulged today for pennies. The old “nickel rocket” baseball is now $2.00. The golf club that charged $75 a year is now $475. Movies in center city are $4.50 and up.

Only in stamp collecting are some things available for pennies. Yes, thousands of stamps can be bought for less than a dime each and best of all, included in this bonanza are some of the world’s most interesting varieties. While it is doubtful if these lower-priced stamps can be obtained individually at such low prices, in collections and groups practically all are available.

This means that stamp collecting can be introduced to newcomers at a lower cost of any similar hobby. It doesn’t imply that valuable collections can be formed for a few cents but certainly that they can be developed into potentially exhibitable properties, not to compete in rarity but to attract the attention of others to a project worth understanding and developing. Most stamp firms could not exist solely on the income from small sales. They must develop a rarity trade and business volume to provide the profit margin required. However, small buyers who understand the economics of these items can, by judiciously accumulating their funds until a sizeable purchase can be made, find many stamp dealers anxious for their trade.