Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 18

Almost every hobby depends for its major support on the middle-income class. Even in the United States, the upper-income level is too small numerically to provide an active market for such lively pursuits as philately, numismatics and other popular avocations.

For example, Mexico is a country with a relatively small middle-income group, and the collecting of stamps “south of the border” is generally restricted to a handful of the wealthier populace and the rich “foreign colony.”

Consequently, successful stamp dealing inMexicois on a very small scale. Good stocks are almost nonexistent and the only encouragement the hobby gets is through a few packet displays inMexico City.

Large stamp firms make many sales of $1,000 and more. They need big sales to help support their widespread business. They like well-to-do customers. Nevertheless, without the thousands of middle-income, small buyers they and the rest of philately would soon be below the horizon of recognition as the world’s greatest hobby.