Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 29

There are mathematical systems for determining what stamps will become rare or advance in price each year. There are theories covering the value of all stamps at any future period and there are promoters selling stamps solely on the basis that they are clever enough to pick the good ones for clients who are certain to reap a financial windfall if they follow this advice.

I say “bosh” to all these. I have been in the stamp business for fifty years and have seen soothsayers, sophists and shrewdies come and go— but never last. They can’t last because it takes only a few years to show the best of them.

The imponderables in philately such as styles of collecting, popularity of issues and countries at various times, economic factors, cupidity of individual promoters— these and many more cannot be incorporated into sound theories or mathematical formulas.

The only sure way to gain a profit from stamp collecting is to enjoy the hobby as you go along. Then, regardless of what the future brings, you must come out ahead.