Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 44

I have known perhaps 100,000 stamp collectors during a lifetime devoted to stamp dealing. These have included people of every grade of philatelic achievement from beginners to advanced specialists. Of them all, it is easy to select those who secured the most return from our hobby. They are the ones who collected stamps they liked best without regard for style, present popularity, potential increase in value or what the other fellow was doing.

Stamp collecting, at its best, is a highly individualistic endeavor. The stamps you collect, the way you arrange them, whether you exhibit them or not, the matter of joining a club or not, are best decided on the basis of what you like.

Collect blocks or covers or precancels or anything else if it is your pleasure to do so. But if they bore you or if the collection that gave you enthusiasm last year no longer excites you, remember philately is your relaxation.