Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 52

There has never been a time when all the earth’s people were peacefully satisfied with the status quo. Mankind’s volatile condition is natural. Innovation, revolution, contest, construction and demolition constitute the ways in which mankind has progressed from caves to commonwealths.

These are the principles of every activity. The great natural migrations, the wars, the discoveries and inventions and even the changes in family life, are part of it.

Certainly philately cannot be contrary to everything else. It can and must change with time. The stamp collecting of 1904 was of a nature that satisfied collectors of that day. But this is a different era, one in which a greater knowledge of world affairs is involved with the fantastic production of attractive stamps in an excessive number. Collectors simply must draw limitation of their individual philatelic activities in an effort to remain collectors and still have time for other things in their lives.

Interest in the varied phases of philately continues, but because of their variety, it is fractionalized. No longer is it possible to assemble within the confines of a city, fifty or one hundred philatelists who collect in a similar way. Now each is pursuing a different course.

This is neither good nor bad. It is in line with the laws of life that decree eternal change. The lesson to be learned from this is that tomorrow will bring a still different philately. No one can foresee what it will be. Therefore no one should advise collectors to spend their money with investment in mind. The value of a certain stamp in the future is beyond our prophetic ability.