Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 63

Some people are obsessed with what for want of a better term can be called “counterfeititis.” They have gotten into such a frame of mind that they believe it their duty to prove that every stamp is either a fake or has been tampered with.

Now in truth, only a very small percentage of philatelic material is the product of a counterfeiter or repairer, and almost all of their work is readily recognized by experienced professionals. It is doubtful if one tenth of one percent of the efforts of fakers could get by the describers employed by the leading stamp businesses of the world.

When there is real reason for doubt, every stamp firm urges the submission of material to one of the many finely recognized expert committees for an opinion. If the opinion is negative, I know of no established stamp dealer who won’t make good, of course within the limits of his sales guarantee, which is always generous enough to allow plenty of time for having your purchases checked. There probably is no other line of business that is so ethical in this respect as is the stamp trade.