Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 68

Nowadays, everyone wants to get into everyone else’s act. The chain stores are selling gasoline and the gasoline stores are selling general merchandise. The football season erupts in violent bloom long before baseball is even nearing its World Series. Coin shows are being run in competition with stamp exhibitions— sometimes even in the same hotel.

Few of us have enough leisure or concentration to be both football and baseball fans at one and the same time. Most men are limited by their budget and must choose either stamp or coin collecting as a hobby, but certainly not both.

Joe, the gas station man, who was just breaking even before XYZ markets put in gas, oil and tires, now has another problem. Life and earning a living are becoming constantly more complex. Most individuals today are faced with tougher problems than their fathers could have imagined in their wildest dreams. What our opinion-makers refer to as “progress” is frequently just a bigger headache. Perhaps it is time to investigate the importance of personal contentment, peace of mind and enjoyment of life. They could deserve as much publicity as so called “progress.”