Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 70

Many people miss the major reason for being a stamp collector. This occurs because they are misled by some factions of philatelic press into believing that monetary gain is the main reason for the followers of philately to be addicted to the hobby.

Stamp collecting is basically an exciting diversion because it stirs the interest and emotions of its followers. It does this in various ways, but always in a constructive direction. Some collectors are urged by the hobby to seek certain stamps. They become quite emotional about looking for and getting the items they want.

Other collectors diligently seek the information they desire about the stamps they own. To them the plate positions or the types of postmark are as thrilling as a horse race or close ball game.

The dollar sign is an important one in our hobby, but without a stirring of the emotions, without the pleasure of exhibiting to our fellow philatelists, stamp collecting would fall flat. Because our hobby offers these basic joys we are willing to spend varying amounts of money to pursue it. Few of us would be interested if the money value was philately’s sole attraction.