Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 73

Where can I get it? We are asked this question several times a day by collectors who seek certain elusive stamps which they would like to add to their collections. Sometimes, even though the catalog price is low, it takes years to locate some particular stamps. This shouldn’t dismay the one who seeks them, because the difficulties of stamp collecting are responsible for its popularity with most collectors.

If all one needed was money to acquire every philatelic item desired, people of means would have a great advantage over the myriad of less affluent collectors. However, one soon learns that in philately there are some things money can’t buy and one of them is completeness. There is always the elusive item that no one has for sale and for which one must wait until a great collection is being broken up. It is acquired only after years of patience.

I believe this aspect of our hobby is the one that keeps learned and cultured collectors in the field. They seldom like projects that are easily completed.