Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 80

Stamp shows, exhibitions, conventions and get-togethers are desirable and usually enjoyable. However, this is not reason enough for having the many thousands that are held yearly in theUnited States. One follows another frequently in the same area. The collections on exhibit are the same collections that go on the prize hunting circuit. And often, attendance is the same show-going crowd never large enough for the effort expanded.

There are not enough fresh ideas, exhibitors and show-goers to sustain our present schedule successfully. There is no need for Central, North, East, South andWest Middletownto each have its own exhibition and banquet. Yet this is what goes on in hundreds of cities.

A merging of interests into at least state wide groups is the answer. We travel today at a high speed so that even in a state as wide asMontanathose who are interested can and will attend a really worthwhile convention and exhibition at the far end of the state. They will not attend twenty different smaller shows on twenty week-ends as so often happens now. This calls for a merging of interests and joining together in our projects. The result must be an advantageous one.