Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 86

I have no objection to a little stretching of the truth when it results in improving an anecdote or increases the humor of a situation. It is human nature to embellish upon the truth and topping the next fellow seems to be enjoyable in all circumstances.

However, there is one situation where honesty and accuracy is desirable. That is in informing your family of the real worth and finances of your collection. Misleading the Missus in either the direction of undervaluing or overvaluing stamp holdings can lead to some real heartache if she ever must supervise their disposal. Telling her that you have been the world’s best buyer of stamps won’t hold up under those circumstances. On the other hand, making her believe that you spend little or nothing on the hobby when, in truth you put into it all but the baby’s show money is just as bad.

Every man is entitled to a fund, within reason, for his pleasure. Take your wife into your confidence and insist that she know what your collection is worth and what to do with it if something happens to you. You may be saving her considerable heartache in the long run by such frank action now.