Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 89

One of the difficulties faced by today’s stamp clubs is the problem of arranging programs with a broad enough base of interest to hold the attention of a large group of collectors. In recent years, the fragmentation of philately has resulted in collectors who restrict their activities to smaller, more manageable collecting areas. Some restrict their activities to even so small a field as collecting only one stamp and its varieties. Years ago everyone collected everything.

There is no doubt that the answer to this problem is difficult to find. For clubs that meet weekly, the arranging of 52 attractive programs each year constitutes a large sized headache.

There are, in theUnited States, several clubs that have for many years been meeting weekly and enjoying a large and interested attendance. They are well known and they prosper in such cities as Cleveland, Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. It would be a service to philately if the programs of some of these clubs as offered over a period of a year could be publicized. It would result in other clubs getting some ideas for their own meetings. I suggest a series of articles each on a different club telling just what their activities were for an entire year. These articles might just furnish the stimulus needed by dozens of stamp groups around the country to spark a renaissance of stamp club activity.