Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 91

I recently took a 26 day cruise. There were 17 passengers on the ship. So far as I could determine, none of them collected stamps. Many of them had collecting friends for whom they bought assortments and packets at the various ports where we stopped. Almost all my fellow passengers were between 50 and 70 years of age, well-to-do and they invariably complained of leading boring lives. Isn’t it deplorable that they had not been ensnared by one of the better collecting hobbies earlier in life— one that now, when they have the leisure and the means to enjoy it, would carry them through the dull, uninteresting hours of later life?

The time to prepare for leisure is when you don’t have it. The time to know the joy of a suitable diversion is now so that you can carry it with you into the “later on,” when its need is greatest. The wise man will, in his youth, stake out guidelines for the years to come and place his guide lights at the broad intervals that will make the doing of likable things a part of his plans.