Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 93

We are all aware of the great breadth of interest in stamp collecting. We will realize that it can entertain even the most erudite as well as those of just ordinary learning and intelligence. It not only entertains them but also adds to their knowledge and frequently is the mental tonic so badly needed in these days of taut tension and frayed nerves.

But how many of us know that this self-same hobby of ours is also a useful and important part of the curriculum in schools for special needs people? True, the collections these folks usually form ill not be exhibitable in select philatelic circles; nor will anyone be likely to point to them as being outstanding in the usual ways we judge collections. They are, however, a means of interesting those with relatively low intelligence to recognize beauty, form and arrangement and to add some knowledge of history and geography to an otherwise meager background.

Stamp collecting, to be helpful to those with special needs, should have the guidance from an informed collector or teacher who recognizes the motivation possible in philately. If you can spare the time you will no doubt be welcomed by your local special needs children’s association to aid in this facet of their education.