Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 96

Most of us are moody. We feel exuberant on Monday and Tuesday. Then something happens that we don’t like, and all day Wednesday we act as if the end of the world would be most welcome. We are up and down in greater or lesser degree for what are generally trivial reasons.

Stamp collecting suffers its up and downs in the same way. We go great guns on the albums for a period of time. Then, perhaps for no more important a reason than the visit of a disliked relative or the receipt of a thinned stamp in a long set, we are cold to our hobby for awhile.

All of this seems to be the nature of man. It extends to everything he does. The salesman has his good and bad days even while calling on the same prospects. The research scientist bungles as much as he succeeds. The ball player must have his slumps and his phenomenal streaks.

If stamp collecting leaves you a little cold this week, don’t despair. Next week or next month it will again be the greatest.