Apfelbaum’s Corner – Volume 98

Take a look at the advertisements of stamp dealers. Did you ever notice how few of them stay in the business for as long as five years? Many of the big advertisers of 1960 have long since gone. The new ones in their place will mostly peter out by 1990. This is a tough business. Along with sharp competition we are faced with the ever-present need of fresh stock that cannot be ordered from a factory. The WIPA sheet that our customer wants is not waiting in a warehouse for our order.

Then there are the expensive handling costs of the lower-priced stamps which are a necessary part of a collection and should be available in our stock for our clients.

To cap it off, style trends are endless. The singles collector becomes a block collector just after you have broken up your block stock to have singles for sale. And so it goes. Still, of all the businesses I know, this is the one I prefer. I like the smile of our satisfied clients and I like to greet the number of them we have served for four generations.