Monthly Archives: April 2009

  1. War and Philately

    From a stamp collecting standpoint, modern warfare is boring. Beginning with the American Civil War, war has always brought us interesting postal issues, covers, rates, locals semiofficials. Today's war is not only fought high tech but communications are far less often by the postal route. WW II was a philatelist's delight. Tens of thousands of collectible stamp and cover varieties were created, nearly all for postal (that is communication) need and not philatelic whim. As armies marched back and forth across Europe and Asia, new stamps were needed and special usages of older issues abounded. It would be nice if the scarcity of modern military induced stamps indicated less war and not just the increasing takeover of electronic communication.

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  2. An Offer

    Its amazing how rapid the response to blogs can be. I wrote several days ago about how inexpensively postage is selling for right now and a client wrote to offer me a quantity of modern US postage. This is all full gum (or self adhesive) valid US postage and we can sell it to you in units of $5000 postage at 75% of postage value( $3750 postpaid though we do have to add 2% if you want to use a credit card). Call Missy today. The offer is only to the end of the week and we only have 4 units
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  3. Public Auction 1069 april 28,29,30

    With over 3700 new lots I urge you to take a look at our Public Auction that takes place this week. Especially appealing is a wonderful investor holding of better European sets and singles that are being opened at a fraction of owners cost. My guess is that when the inflationary implications of the world wide financial stimulus packages have worked their way through the economy in a couple of years you'll look back at today's prices for rare stamps with a chuckle.
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