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  1. A special offer on a set of Zepps

    A special offer on a set of Zepps

    We bought several sets of US #C13-15. They are Very Fine, og NH. The price is $1100 postpaid. Offer expires this Friday June 26. Email me your address and payment details. Supplies are very limited and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  2. Expertization Services

    Expertization Services

    There are four major expertization services operating in the United States today, The American Philatelic Expertization Service (whose acronym APES was mercifully dropped a few years ago), the Philatelic Foundation, Professional Stamp Expertizers, and Sergio Sismondo.

    The American Philatelic Expertization Service is run by the American Philatelic Society. It is a not-for-profit service and actually loses money for the APS (at least it did when I was the APS treasurer, though I haven't seen the books for a few years). It operates by using volunteer expertizers who are sent "patients" (yes that euphemism is actually used) and has all the pluses and minuses of a volunteer service. The quality of the expertizers varies widely by field, some are quite good, some "expert" only in their ability to toot their own horn. Overall, the APS certificate is usually accurate for genuineness, and not so good for quality. I don't use them for US stamps as the next two are better. Overall grade

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  3. The last Harmer Manning Auction on the East coast

    The last Harmer Manning Auction on the East coast

    H R Harmer, the company that sold the Caspary collection, the Hind collection and the Roosevelt collection was acquired by Greg Manning auctions several years ago. When the Manning Afinsa deal began to disastrously unravel, the remaining company wisely dropped the Manning name and kept the prestigious Harmer moniker for their auctions. The company has decided to end Nutmeg sales and move the company to California. They promise to continue having auctions in a new and improved version (we'll see) but what is clear is that large collection auctions for dealers, specialists and accumulators of the kind that the Harmer Manning organization has been holding for over sixty years on the East coast will no longer exist. I am going to this last Harmer auction today- to view lots, see old friends, and to see what this says about the changing face of our business and our hobby. And I'll be blogging
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  4. Stamp Prices and the Economy

    Stamp Prices and the Economy

    The New York Times is reporting today on the US Budget deficit and how it should range in the trillion dollar a year level for years to come. The Times article parses blame for this (and there is plenty to go around) but the conclusion is that the political will to address the structural deficit in the budget through either higher taxes or cuts in government programs doesn't exist. Thus we can continue to finance our deficit cheaply in only two ways- investors (and that means, given the sums involved, mostly foreign investors) or the Federal reserve bank through "injecting reserves into the system" that is printing money. And though much in economics seems to have changed since most of us took it in college they have not yet been able to repeal the law that says that more money chasing the same quantity of goods creates inflation.

    And inflation is, or has been , good for stamp prices,
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  5. Harmers move

    Harmers move

    The announcement by H R Harmer and Nutmeg (formerly Greg Manning Auctions) ends the east coast presence of an auction company that was holding New York area auctions since 1940. Nutmeg, which was the largest seller in the country in the old mail sale model of stamp sales, announced that they are suspending sales of stamps altogether. Harmer is moving to Irvine, California and where it says it is planning to continue stamp auctions.
    Apfelbaum has long been the largest seller at auction of dealer stocks, collections, and mid priced ($50-$500) sets and singles in the United States. We pledge to redouble our efforts at customer satisfaction. Our financial position has never been stronger. We invite you to participate in our auctions as a buyer or seller.
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