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Large carton filled with an eight-volume collection related to the holiday. The first five volume and dedicated to Christmas stamps-there are thousands of neatly mounted sets with a Christmas theme. And the last three books are a specialized mint collection of Disney stamp thematics, again all in sets. The thousands of complete mint sets in this lot tell the story of Christmas- from the joys of Santa to the sanctity and awe of the saints themselves. The stamps in this collection were carefully selected not alone for excellent quality but so that the story of Jesus's birth, growth, mission, crucifixion, and resurrection are all told philatelically. It is unusual for us to offer such a comprehensive collection philatelically honoring the birth of Christ, and this collection, so valuable in its own right, also gives you the ability to use the collection to show how stamps can be used to teach the things we care most about. Quality is exceptional. You'll enjoy this -one. (WE scanned one of the Christmas books (and there are five) and one of the disny book (and there are three) so you can get an idea how nicely this collction is set up.

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