FRANCE - MINT NH 1938-1982 - 409472

FRANCE - MINT NH 1938-1982 - 409472
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FRANCE  - MINT NH 1938-1982 - Whether one looks at fashion, architecture, or black & white movies where the essence of the action is concentrated in a deep look shrouded in cigarette smoke – aesthetically nobody does it like France does. Combine this with a millennium long cohesive national cultural history and is it any wonder that a country not quite as big as the State of Texas attracts the highest number of tourists year after year? France enjoys similar popularity amongst philatelists, expectedly French stamps are beautiful to look at, of exquisite quality, expensive, but not cost prohibitive to complete the collection. One aspect that is an absolute must for a good French collection covering the 1930s and 40s, is for stamps to be never hinged, as every single listing from mid-1930s onwards includes ‘hinged’ line underneath, as if it would be a pariah minor variety of the real stamp. Well, for every true Francophile this collection of roughly 1,500 different never hinged issues covering the period from 1938 to 1982 housed in three beautiful SAFE albums is sure to tick all the boxes. The collection includes a great run of most iconic regular and semi-postal sets, and even some airmails – all never hinged! Individually some of the most notable standouts include highlights like #342-347, 348, 349, 372-373, 388, 400-414, 475-476H, 477-495, 624, 700-705, 711-715, 840-844, 907-909, 952-955, 1100 (sheet of 8), B54-B59, B68-B69, B70, B83, B86-B89A, B93, B97-B100, B117-B128, B135-B146, B157a, B238-B243, B249-B254, B258-B263, B267-B272, B276-B281, B285-B290, B294-B299, B303-B308, C23-C27, C31, J80-J92, and others, VERY FINE, og, NH (We scanned only the first volume out of three)

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