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FRENCH COLONIES – An expansive selection of close to 15,000 mostly mint issues from around French colonial possessions from Reunion to French India (French colonies listed immediately after French section in Scott catalog). Considering catalog value well in excess of $10,000 and in most cases limited duplication levels, this selection would appeal to collectors of expanded French world. The selection is very neatly organized in a pair of binders on Scott numbered Vario stock pages. Within the selection Reunion and French Colonies would be by far the biggest sub-sections, together accounting for over half of total catalog value of an entire lot. Individually just some of the most notable standouts include Reunion mint# 280 (8), 299 (7), C35-C38, C42-C45, C46-C47, French Colonies mint #J12 (2), J13 (3),  used #6 (2), French Congo mint #30, 31, French Equatorial Africa mint #C37 (3),  French Guinea  mint #46, 48-62, B3-B7, B8-B11, used #14, 16, French India mint #25-49, 79, and many others. Duplication levels are generally very manageable and most sets include 3-4 duplicates, with only some individual singles or sets duplicated couple dozen times, gen. VERY FINE, mint og, some NH (We scanned only the first volume, out of two, containing Reunion and French Colonies)

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