GERMANY – 1945 LOCAL ISSUES - 409372

GERMANY – 1945 LOCAL ISSUES - 409372
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GERMANY – 1945 LOCAL ISSUES – Fascinating specialist collection of well over 1,500 mint and used German local issues listed exclusively in Michel catalog organized in a very meticulous fashion on stock pages. The collection covers practically every local overprint starting with Cottbus and going all the way to Rusland, and even further to East Africa provisional overprints. The collection includes great ratio of rare highly specialized overprints that would enable true enthusiasts of German philately to elevate their current portfolio to the next level. Just some of the most notable standouts include better like (all Michel numbers) Cottbus mint #1-20 (4), 21-24, used #1-20, 21-24, $630, Dobeln mint #1, Falkensee mint #1-6 (2), Glauchau mint #1-18, Gortlitz mint #1-4 (3), 5-8, 6y, Plauen mint #2w (2), 3w (2), Spremberg mint #1-6, and many others including Propaganda issues showing the skeleton of Hitler in blocks, Oldenburg miniature sheets perf and imperf, and so much more. In total adding up to over $7,000 in catalog value (€6,400)! Gen VERY FINE, mint og, many NH (Michel catalog value6,400)

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