GERMANY-G.D.R. - 405960

GERMANY-G.D.R. - 405960
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GERMANY-G.D.R. Mint collection of sets, singles and more, most of which is in a slipcased Scott Specialty album, with pages into the 1970s. Included are nearly all of the better items like #54-57A, 58-67, 78-79, 80-81, 82-84, 85-88, 113-17, 122-36, 144a (perf & imperf), 146a (perf & imperf), 155-71, 187-204, 226a, 227-30A, 264a, 272-77, 10NB11, B17-20, B21, B21a, B35a, etc. Also found is large group of later sets, singles and sheetlets, going past the bounds of the album. Gen. VERY FINE, or better, og, much is NH  (some photos are included)

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Country / RegionGermany-G.D.R. (GDR)