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GERMANY – SPECIALTY STOCK SELECTION – This is a massive accumulation of all things German sprawling through 11 volumes in three of our largest cartons. Each and every volume includes thousands of individual articles, each volume covering specific period or sub-section of German philately. While practically every period of German philately is covered starting with German States and going well into the late 1980s, the focus of the entire lot is placed squarely on the first half of the 20th century. Third Reich period, along with numerous plebiscites, occupation issues, and even a volume dedicated entirely to postal cards from the 1930s – 50s, is somewhat dominant throughout the lot and inclusion of couple books dedicated to exclusively never hinged sets and singles is a very nice addition. Overall material that can be cataloged adds up to over $40,000 in catalog value, but the selection includes so much more like blank test stamp strips, blank booklet panes, or Michel specialty material valued only on postal covers. Despite the expansive nature of the lot, duplication levels are generally manageable and meticulous organization of the lot goes a long way to ensure that this lot would appeal to collectors interested in everything and anything German when it comes to philately, just as well as dealers looking for breakdown and resale potential, gen. VERY FINE, mint og, many NH (We scanned only one volume to show general contents, duplication levels, and organization out of eleven)

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