The Best Way to Organize Your Stamp Collection

For generations, stamp collectors have relied on albums and paper tracking systems to manage their collections. In fact, many serious collectors find that managing their collections is one of the most enjoyable parts of their passion. Many pleasant hours can be spent looking over past purchases. Today, of course, software is available to help you organize your stamps and keep track of your collection.

Is stamp organization software right for you?

How to Use Stamp Organization Software

Stamp organization software is designed to make it easier to value and organize your collection quickly. With software, you can find stamps you want to buy and sell, keep a running list of the stamps you have and more. This is potentially making things easier for insurance purposes and for organization, as well as buying.

When using this type of software, it's important to choose the right program. Programs such as EzStamp, for example, allow you to:

  • Upload available color images of each stamp
  • Add your own pictures of your stamps
  • Use the Scott™ numbering system to keep track of your stamps
  • Value your collection
  • Search your stamps by year, location, theme and other parameters
  • Browse through your entire collection visually
  • Set up wish lists and lists of stamps you want to sell
  • Find specific stamps in your albums
  • Create valuation reports and inventory reports
  • Keep track of doubles or multiples in your collection
  • Add comments for each stamp

When choosing the right software for you, consider how you want to use the software. If you need some help with insurance, look for software with report-generating options. If you have a large collection and want to be able to find stamps in your collection, look for a powerful search function as well as easy cross-referencing so you can make notes to find specific stamps in your albums.

Look for software that is easy to use. It should be intuitive and should not require a lot of time to learn. At the same time, make sure you give yourself enough time to learn the program. The best stamp organization software is the one you can use easily, while still maximizing the software features.

Carefully consider your computer and its requirements. Most software is available for Windows, so if you use a Mac, make sure you find software compatible with your operating system.

The major drawback of software is it can take a while to input your entire collection, which can take quite some time if you have a larger collection. Another disadvantage is that you will need to be vigilant about keeping your software up-to-date and current with frequent updates. If you decide to switch software, look for a program which allows you to import data from your old system to your new one, to avoid losing all the work you have done.

Paper or Software?

Ultimately, deciding whether to track your collection through paper or through technology is up to you. You may want to try software just to see what it's like, or you may decide to stick with paper. No matter what you choose, make sure you use a system that works for you.

Keep in mind that all collections start with stamps. To organize your stamps, you need to build your collection. If you'd like to buy or sell stamps, visit Apfelbaum, Inc. to sell your stamps or buy new items for your collection.