What Pages Should I Use for My Stamp Collection?

With many collectors, stamp album page printing is a hot topic of debate. Some collectors like purchasing premade album pages to save time and effort. They like knowing that preprinted pages created specifically for stamp collectors are safe for stamps.

Some collectors, however, find the best stamp album pages are the ones they make themselves. They like being able to print customized pages they can tweak to their specific demands. They like being able to print pages as needed, without having to order them or drive to a store. Finally, some people find that printing their own pages rather than buying them can help save money, leaving more money in the budget for stamps.

What Pages Should I Use for My Stamp Album?

Whether you decide to purchase existing pages for your albums or decide to print your own will depend largely on your preferences. You'll want to consider these questions:

  • Do I have time to properly measure my album and the patience to create pages that are a perfect fit?
  • Am I willing to buy the right paper to ensure my investment stays safe?
  • Do I want or need customized pages?
  • Do I have a good printer and the cutting materials to create quality pages?
  • Do I want all of my album pages to look the same, or will printing give me more variety?

If you do decide to print album pages, there are many templates online. Some collectors also simply use Word or create their own templates in a word-processing software program to get them started.

One thing you'll want to consider carefully is paper. The best paper for stamp album pages is both acid-free and lignin-free. Both acid and lignin naturally occur in paper, but both can discolor the paper over time and can cause damage to delicate stamps. Paper without these two elements is treated to be safer for stamps and will protect both your investment and your albums. Unless you invest in archival-quality ink, you will also need to print your pages in a way that prevents printer ink from touching your stamps, as this ink can damage your collection. 

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