The World of Stamps & Stamp Collecting - Introduction

Endorsed by the American Philatelic Society, this in-depth comprehensive guide to all aspects of philately is a must-read for every stamp-lover around the globe. From the youth picking up his first pair of stamp tongs, to the aged man who has long known a passion for such a select and exciting hobby, all have much to learn and enjoy in reading John Apfelbaum and David Lidman’s exploration of the world of stamps.

Published in 1981 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, The World of Stamps & Stamp Collecting was our very own John Apfelbaum’s first foray into the published world. Written by John Apfelbaum, a highly respected stamp professional, and David Lidman, the former stamp columnist for the New York Times, The World of Stamps & Stamp Collecting was soon acclaimed by both beginners and experienced collectors for it’s fascinating journey into the heart of what it means to be participate in this tremendous “Hobby of Kings.”

John Apfelbaum and David Lidman have written a book that combines the practical how-to’s of collecting with insider advice to investors. Highlights of the fascinating stories behind specific rarities, a full-length chapter, is a must read. Both authors Apfelbaum and Lidman were particularly interested in United States stamps which are explored with stunning precision, as are those of Canada and Great Britian.

John Apfelbaum and David Lidman are happy to share with the beginning stamp collector all the secrets to mounting, perforations, watermarks, specialization, and even the history of stamp collecting-- a charming tale to be sure. For both beginners and more advanced collectors, John Apfelbaum lays out the skills of grading, for a stamp’s value is determined as much by its quality as by its rarity.

Advanced collectors will value the sections on postal history, communications, and the development of printing technology, as well as the incredible annotated bibliography. To be sure, The World of Stamps & Stamp Collections is a pleasurable and informative piece of literature for all.

The world of stamp collecting is burgeoning, with more and more interest being piqued in this exciting and historically significant hobby. And collectors have been making stamps a sound investment for years. This book also identifies investment strategies- the ones that work and the ones that don‘t. However, John Apfelbaum and David Lidman are quick to note that in their opinion, the best investors are the ones who love their stamps, for these lucky souls have the best of both worlds.

Brought to you by John Apfelbaum, who was excited to share his first book with all the stamp collectors and investors out there who have long been friends to Earl P.L Apfelbaum Inc, we do hope you enjoy!